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About Us

is one of many initiatives of Tsirani NGO. Launched in May 2012 it has the aim of making Grabar (Classical Armenian) accessible to everyone through video tutorials, handouts and many other tools contained on the website. Prior to making the website, the bilingual Grabar lessons, offered both in Armenia and Britain by Father Garegin Hambardzumyan and Tom Samuelian, have shown that there is a huge interest among Armenians of all ages in Grabar. One of the challenges facing Armenian society is the inability of many people to understand the Ecclesiastical language. It is indeed not easy to attend the Divine Liturgies on Sundays for 2 or 3 hours not being able to understand more than a couple of words. Thus, through this website we have tried to help you to explore more about the language of our ancestors and to find out for yourself that Grabar is not a complicated but rather a rich and beautiful language which rather than being used only by the Church, also enriches the two branches of our language: Eastern and Western Armenian.

The film ‘Grabar, Lezu Nakhneats’ directed by Narek Ashughatoyan which is available to watch on the Home page of this website aptly depicts the beauty of Grabar and shows the importance of learning this language.

Contact email:  tsiranihk@gmail.com
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