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It is very easy to orientate within www.grabar.am: We have tried to do our best in order to make it possible for our students to use the site without any difficulties.

In the top of the Home page you can find the History of Grabar, some grammatical charts and a dictionary of Grabar (Classical Armenian) into Modern Armenian. At the top as well as in the centre of the Home page we have placed the main nine Lessons.

Clicking on the button of the first lesson you will be moved to a new page with the video of that lesson below which you will find the typed version of the same lesson as well as the Power Point file of it.

At the left side of the Home page you can enjoy the film ‘Grabar, The Ancestors’ Tongue’ made by ‘Tsirani’ NGO.

Below the film you will see links to several websites which can be very useful for you to memorize the lessons and to use Grabar on daily basis.

You can follow Ptarag (Divine Liturgy), Church Hours and read Daily Scripture from the Holy Bible.

Enjoy Grabar!!!
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